maandag 27 maart 2017

Preview 'Total Fiction' – Thursday, March 30 @ VROOOM #47

47th VROOOM this Thursday, March 30! Here's a preview of 'TOTAL FICTION'– A 16mm film projection event with live improvised score by:
– Jeremy Young – reel-to-reel tapes and electronics
– Shinya Sugimoto – piano and electronics
– Paul Clipson – 16mm films

vimeo link:
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Vrooom #47: Paul Clipson / Shinya Sugimoto / Jeremy Young + more

zondag 19 maart 2017

Thu, March 23: Golden Oriole (STAER) + Celestial Bodies + DJ Arum Super

Our recommendation for this week – SANDWICH ISLAND presents:

– GOLDEN ORIOLE (no / STAER members)

start: 20.30 | entrance: €7 | presale: €6
location: WORM – Boomgaardsstraat 71, Rotterdam
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Golden Oriole is de Engelse benaming voor de Wielewaal; de bijna geheel knalgele, Euraziatische zangvogel die ook in Nederland voorkomt. Het is ook de naam van de Noorse band die bestaat uit tweederde Staer leden. Staer stond al drie keer in Rotterdam (WORM; Oct 27, 2012) en wie ze aan 't werk gezien heeft is zonder meer overtuigd van hun kunnen. Golden Oriole is het vervolg op Staer en zal deze smetteloze reputatie intact houden. Celestial Bodies is het volbloedige grafherrie project van René Aquarius en Vincent Koreman; beiden vaandeldragers van de Nederlandse underground. Zij hebben net hun prachtdebuut uit op het toonaangevende I, Voidhanger records.

GOLDEN ORIOLE (no / Staer members)
This duo comprises two-thirds of the mighty Staer, one of the best bands coming out of Norway in the past decade. It may be conjecture but we reckon Staer have won over pretty much every single person that have seen them perform live. The trio first spread its counter-cultural wings in 2008, gradually developing their bizarre bass-heavy instrumental noise rock. Golden Oriole is a direct continuation of Staer, keen on advancing their infectious and hypnotic music. They will release their debut on Drid Machine Records this March. Go see these guys, we guarantee you won’t be disappointed!
Golden Oriole

Debut Live show from this unholy union of Vincent Koreman (NIHILL, Drug Culture, etc.) and René Aquarius (Dead Neanderthals). From Nihill they inherited the pitch-black and noise-drenched sound that is deeply rooted in gnosticism and occultism, while they borrowed the avant-garde, free-jazz and improv sensibilities from Dead Neanderthals. Celestial Bodies' debut “Spit Forth From Chaos” is a cacophonous blend of anti-cosmic black metal and raw noise, propelled by an imperious drumming, tossing the listener into a nightmarish dimension where everything is Chaos, and Chaos is everything. The album was released on I, Voidhanger - one of the most adventurous labels currently active in the metal scene.
Spit Forth From Chaos

DJ arum super is the non-live performance alias of DJ Urine – a Parisian sound artist who creates literal sound collages from fragments of vinyl records. This evening he will 'just' play tunes; spicing up things nicely with a mix of mostly Southeast Asian popular music and various sound oddities. You might hear an instrumental Spazz track with bollywood vocals on top or 50s Japanese easy listening soundtracks mixed with noise.
DJ Arum Super aka DJ Urine

woensdag 8 maart 2017

Thu, March 30: VROOOM #47

Thursday, March 30:



location: Pink Pank – Delftsestraat 9, Rotterdam
doors: 20:30 / start: 21:00 / entrance: €6
facebook event page

The 47th Vrooom is a multilayered media event that revolves around the Live Cinema performance 'Total Fiction', a new Sonology duo that creates an audio maze from glitches and poetry, and a new project from the notorious Xentos 'Fray' Bentos, the man that gave homosexuality a good name (in the UK). Last but not least Ángel Prior will be DJ'ing some tunes.

[A 16mm film projection event with live improvised score]

• Jeremy Young – reel-to-reel tapes and electronics
• Shinya Sugimoto – piano and electronics
• Paul Clipson – 16mm films

Taking its name from Shinya Sugimoto & Jeremy Young’s forthcoming LP featuring cellist Julia Kent, "Total Fiction" is a live score performance to a 16mm film projection by Paul Clipson that will change night by night in reaction to the properties of each space these artists are performing at. Like all of Clipson’s film collage works, this will be frenetic. It will span movements both in stark black and white and bright analog color. Sugimoto and Young will work to bring out auditory characters, narratives, themes and transitional arcs from the celluloid, while at times challenging the pictures to provide new meaning in new sonic contexts. Shinya Sugimoto performs on piano and Max MSP triggered processing, while Young will be utilizing his analog electronics such as reel-to-reel tape loops, oscillators, AM radio and contact mic’d objects and surfaces to build textural and tonal color palettes throughout the evening.
Yeremy Young:
Shinya Sugimoto:
Paul Clipson:

• Sohrab Motabar – live electronics and glitch sounds
• Leonie Roessler – classic guitar, field recordings, soundscapes

Sohrab Motabar (Iran), and Leonie Roessler (originally from Germany) started their collaboration while studying together at the Institute of Sonology. Their duo pieces are improvised within a strictly fixed form, exploring ways of interweaving sound components ranging from harsh and loud to introspective and detailed, creating an unique tapestry of sound. Leonie and Sohrab have performed their works in NL and in cities like Berlin, Tehran, and Isfahan.

[featuring: Xentos 'Fray' Bentos, Titi Tabarnac & Lee Lagerwall]

The Garden Of Fifths And Sixths is a peculiar assemblage of outsiders. Xentos is the legendary sole artistic survivor of the notorious 'Homosexuals' scene, where bands and records sprouted like poppies before disappearing into the void. Lots of releases of those days survived in obscure rereleases by likewise obscure labels. Xentos has worked with Rotterdam musician Titi Tabarnac as Perfect Vacuum, and made the album 'A Guide to the music of the 21th century'. Scottish artist Luke Fowler made a documentary about Xentos in which the latter refused to appear; 'The way Out'. Under the name 'Harmon Y Phraisier', Xentos made a series of absurdist radioplays for Radio Resonance 104.4 FM. Xentos' work has an overdeveloped pop-sensibility, mixed with a natural feeling for shameless absurdism and virtuoso musicianship gone wrong.


This event is made possible with kind support of Popunie Rotterdam.

maandag 27 februari 2017

Tue, February 28: Zhang Hungtai (Dirty Beaches) / Maranha / Ferrandini + Cement Shoes + Sebastiano Carghini

Our recommendation for this week – SANDWICH ISLAND presents:

– CEMENT SHOES (Balázs Pándi | Giovanni Di Domenico | Gonçalo Almeida)

Ex- Dirty Beaches / Last Lizard Alex Zhang Hungtai teams up with Portuguese scene mavericks David Maranha and Gabriel Ferrandini. Add to that the high calibre trio Cement Shoes, Italian modular master Sebastiano Carghini, and you'll have an evening of the finest contemporary leftfield music.

WORM – Boomgaardsstraat 71, Rotterdam | presale: 6 euro / door: 7 euro item / presale
FB event page


• Alex Zhang Hungtai – saxophone, vocals and percussion
• David Maranha – organ and percussion
• Gabriel Ferrandini – drums and percussion

This trio was invited by the legendary Blue Note to create new music based around a jazz figure for the Blogoteque website. They chose John Coltrane as their guiding light for a couple of performances well remembered by those fortunate enough to catch them. Their album 'Âncora' has the urgency of Coltrane's most far out recordings while tapping into a new form of lyricism. Since then, the trio has been developing its own language, taking free jazz onto a new path that manages to avoid genre trappings, channeling the Arkestra's spirits through No Wave's physicality. A ritual-like vortex of fiercely rhythmic communal percussion, freeform drones and solemn war cries.

CEMENT SHOES (pt/hu/it)

• Giovanni Di Domenico – Fender Rhodes
• Gonçalo Almeida – bass
• Balázs Pándi – drums

To find mister Almeida, Di Domenico, and Pándi on the same stage is a great thing. These individuals will be cementing and expanding their genre-bending qualities that are inherent in their many other projects; from drone, (post) metal to freejazz; Cement Shoes is a trio where individuality is paramount. Live, this band plays adventurous music that will have you glued to the floor, just like if you would be wearing cement shoes.

Italian modular synth master and performer who also utilizes physical objects in his recordings. Bubbling old school synths that bend their way into infectious patterns that will keep you on the edge of your seat.
Sebastiano Carghini

woensdag 15 februari 2017

Sat, February 18: VROOOM #46

Saturday, February 18:


–– DIRAR KALASH (palestine)
–– ROWAN VAN AS (nl) – 'Suspended in lost trumpet time'

location: Pink Pank – Delftsestraat 9, Rotterdam
doors: 20:30 / start: 21:00 / entrance: €6
FB event page

At Vrooom 46 part of the focus for our monthly dose of mind-boggling freeform music moves to Den Haag. Sonologists Kacper Ziemianin and Seht Zhan will engage in a collaborative live set. Dirar Kalash will perform with his oud, and Rowan van As will be battling his collection of instruments.

DIRAR KALASH (Palestine)
Dirar Kalash is a sound artist whose work spans a wide range of sonic practices. His approaches to instruments, techniques, and aesthetics are political as they challenge dichotomies, hierarchies, and binary logics of new/old and west/east as tools of cultural imperialism and hegemony. At Vrooom Dirar will perform with the oud, approaching this lute-type string instrument with different techniques in order to achieve a music that transcends the common notions of traditional oud playing, taking off from the history of the oud, and the history of its development in particular, as a process deeply rooted in movement and dynamics from Ancient Persia and through the Levant and North Africa. These approaches reposition the oud within a context where it is considered not only as an instrument with a deep history, but also as a vehicle for further explorations of musical and sonic languages.
Dirar Kalash youtube

KZSZ - Kacper Ziemianin & Seht Zhan (pl/br)
Duo performance from these two sonology adepts who are currently based in Den Haag. Kacper Ziemianin is a polish sound fashionista, circuit bending psychonaut, instrument developer, squatter, radio star (for Tonka) and workshop hero. Seht Zhan comes from the other end of the big pond; São Paulo, Brazil. He is a kaosmeister, pataphysician, noise entrepreneur, alien authority and according to himself; a 'sonology slacker'.

ROWAN VAN AS (nl) – 'Suspended in lost trumpet time'
Rowan is a Rotterdam based musician / artist whose work is intuitive, bordering on outsider art. He forms the band The Asses with his brother Aswin. Rowan's performance piece at this Vrooom will feature pretty much his entire collection of instruments (a trumpet, trombone, French horn, violin, double bass, accordion, etc), whilst revealing himself as a sort of anti-instrumentalist revelling in incapabilities.


This event is made possible with kind support of Popunie Rotterdam.

zaterdag 7 januari 2017

Thu, January 19: VROOOM #45



–– ANNA MIKHAILOVA aka BaKaRuNa (r/nl)

location: Pink Pank – Delftsestraat 9, Rotterdam
doors: 20:30 / start: 21:00 / entrance: €6

Hello new year. Vrooom kicks off this Thursday evening with artists that move within the realm of textured Improv, Noise, New Music, and Sound Art.
FB event

Leila is a Brooklyn based cellist and composer from Aix-en-Provence, France. She works in the realm of Noise, Improvisation, New Music and Sound-art. Her cello playing is often improvised, and mainly focuses on texture variations and collages of phantom overtones and pitched utterances. Her vocabulary is that of extended techniques, preparations, and imaginative amplification methods, using her instrument as an abstract resonant body to challenge conventional cello practice. Her composed works draw from a similar textured musical aesthetic, but also focus on the relationship between sound and space. In her site-specific electro-acoustic compositions, architecture is the foundation of the piece and musicality arises from an organized spacialization of sound.

Mario and Petra have worked together as an artistic duo Since 1983. The inception was the notion that movement and sound are identical; without movement (vibration) nothing can be heard. This idea, and the temporary character of sound, extends through their installations, site-specific works in progress, performances and concerts. The duo also use new media and technology, often realized especially for their projects. Their recent projects dealt with communication, formal translations, and (mis)understanding. In their research project WAVES, the duo investigates the use of movement feedback to create installations and concerts. Next to being the co-founders / members of the multimedia group Antarctica, Mario was also a member of the renowned Maciunas Ensemble with the late Paul Panhuijsen, Jan van Riet, and Leon van Noorden.

ANNA MIKHAILOVA aka BaKaRuNa (ru/nl)
A performance by Rotterdam-based Russian composer/musician/opera director Anna Mikhailova. Name of the instrument; BaKaRuNa. More info to follow.

maandag 7 november 2016

Wed, December 7: VROOOM #44



–– MONO-POLY (nl)
–– JOE KISSER (nl)
–– KUTWYF (nl)
–– RAGING EGO (nl)

location: Pink Pank – Delftsestraat 9, Rotterdam
doors: 20:30 / start: 21:00 / entrance: €5

Tasty seasonal hotch potch of local artistry. Somewhere between soaring ambitions and the loving embrace of dilettantism. Come and have a drink with us and say byebye to 2016.

[Roel Meelkop - electronics / Nina Hitz - cello / Alfredo Genovesi - guitar]
The members of this trio have previously played together in other constellations, but never before in this specific formation. They will engage in a collaborative performance of subtle improv using guitar, cello, and electronics. Genovesi's brilliant guitar sounds (somewhere between Hendrix, Hans Reichel, and Derek Bailey) will be coupled with Nina's meandering cello work and Meelkop's delicate drones. Yum!

Radboud is an esteemed sound-artist, composer, and sound designer who has been active since the mid-eighties. His music varies from rhythmically minimal electronica to conceptual music, within the broadest sense of contemporary music.

This modular synth / electronica boss-man started with his machines around '94. Throughout the years he amassed a ridiculous synth/electronica collection, and now leads a dedicated synth scene with Noodlebar. Dennis is keen to retain the contrariety of the human and non-human elements in performance. For Vrooom #44, Dennis will come up with an alternative to his more danceable set.

Non-regular Joe Kuster spent most of his artist career dissecting animals and cooking inane objects to reconstruct its parts into three-dimensional artworks. 'Joe Kisser' is his musical other self, with which he'll investigate patterns of behaviour between his sound toys and more adult machines.

Kutwyf learned the ropes with Dutch noise institution FCKN' BSTRDS. A one woman noise act emerging from a fluorescent rubbish heap. Always a treat.

Music snob with diva-like antics, but he does know how to play a really good tune. Raging Ego will provide comic relief for the ears inbetween live sets.


This event is made possible with kind support of Popunie Rotterdam.